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Find & Replace It! is a powerful, cross-platform text file processor. It allows you to perform
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dProg - Philippe Docourt
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12 January 2010

Publisher's description

Find & Replace It! is a powerful, cross-platform text file processor. It allows you to perform very complex batch replacements inside text files of any size. It supports regular expression syntax and dozens of encodings. It can batch processing the encoding of files, as well as style of end-of-line.
Here are some key features of Find & Replace It!:
* Find and replace across many files at once
* Supports regexps
* Supports many text encodings, including Unicode
* Preserves line endings while processing files
* Preserves BOM while processing Unicode files
* Allows you to perform dynamic replacements based on found expression captures
* Provides built-in processing function for dynamic replacements (e.g. convert captured expressions to lower case, Base64 encoding, Hex encoding, etc.)
* Provides a JavaScript like interface to customize replacements on the fly by script processing
* Displays matched expressions reports for file search/replace operations
* Full featured dynamic preview of matched expressions and replacements
* Provides tools for converting text encoding
* Provides tools for converting line endings (Windows, Unix, Macintosh, Unicode)
* Detects text encoding and line endings of files
* Provides advanced filtering options for selecting files that need to be processed, including file name filters and file path exclusion filters
* Allows you to load and save expressions to find, replacement definitions and file filters
* Handles huge files (> 10 GB)
* Regular expression editor / tester.
* Fully multi-threaded for fast processing and responsiveness
* Allows you to cancel long operations
* GUI is totally modular
* Can save your file filters, regular expressions, replacement patterns, etc.
* Create backup files
* Export results
* Cross-platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux

User comments

Johan Dieter
Simply magic!
I have many configuration files in XML format. I was looking for a way of inserting some auto-generated UUIDs as attributes within some XML tags. Actually I aim to uniquely identify some tags. Of course, I would avoid having to manually generate all the UUID as well as manually inserting them whereever it is required. That sounds tricky, isn`t it?
With the scripting capabilities of this software, the insertion of the required UUIDs was automatically done in no time.
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